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The Stool Pigeon

The Stool Pigeon

Living in the guilt of sacrificing his informant in a previous operation, Criminal Intelligence Inspector Don Lee is wary when his superior orders him to send another informant to spy on the criminal operations of Barbarian, a vicious gangster plotting a jewelry heist. He seeks ex-convict Ghost, who agrees to work for Don despite vowing to go straight since he's desperately in need of money to repay a debt and save his sister. Ghost's driving skills help him infiltrate Barbarian's gang and earn his trust, but by feeding information to Don and hooking up with Barbarian's girlfriend Dee, Ghost is pushing himself into a tight and deadly corner...

Datum vydání: 26. srpen 2010

Language Release Format Downloads Date
Arabic srt 77
Bosnian srt 27
Bosnian srt 30
Bulgarian srt 98
Bulgarian srt 73
Chinese (simplified) srt 169
Chinese (traditional) srt 21
Dutch srt 108
English srt 120
English srt 1368
English srt 759
English srt 275
English srt 340
English srt 252
English srt 252
French srt 135
French srt 26
Greek srt 82
Italian srt 148
Polish mpl 71
Polish mpl 65
Romanian srt 59
Romanian srt 59
Romanian srt 93
Spanish srt 137
Spanish srt 63
Turkish srt 78
Turkish srt 67
Turkish srt 18