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You Are the Apple of My Eye

You Are the Apple of My Eye

Kosuke Mizushima (Yuki Yamada) is a high school student at a provincial city and enjoys a comfortable life. One day, due to Kosuke Mizushima's excessive joke, his class is interrupted. The teacher gets upset and makes model student Mai Hayase (Asuka Saito) keep an eye on Kosuke Mizushima. Kosuke Mizushima and his 4 friends all had crushes on Mai when they were in middle school. Due to a small incident, Kosuke Mizushima and Mai Hayase get close. --asianwiki

Release Date: 5 ottobre 2018

Language Release Format Downloads Date
Bulgarian srt 597
Burmese srt 62
Chinese srt 869
Chinese (simplified) srt 1644
Chinese (simplified) srt 948
Chinese bilingual srt 446
Czech srt 501
Czech srt 91
Czech srt 43
Czech srt 43
English srt 8963
English srt 6635
English srt 1407
English srt 1229
Hungarian srt 78
Indonesian srt 589
Indonesian srt 4839
Indonesian srt 466
Indonesian srt 296
Indonesian srt 823
Indonesian srt 398
Italian srt 418
Korean smi 2015
Portuguese (BR) srt 827
Russian srt 402
Serbian srt 416
Serbian srt 34
Serbian srt 34
Spanish srt 565
Spanish srt 120
Turkish srt 446
Turkish srt 48
Turkish srt 48
Turkish srt 43
Turkish srt 38
Vietnamese srt 630
Vietnamese srt 117
Vietnamese srt 102