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Goliat is set in a small industrial town somewhere in Sweden. When Roland is sentenced to prison, his son, 16-year old Kimmie, is expected to provide for the family by taking over his dad's criminal business. This is a task he's not ready for. The film's depicting a boy's brutal entry into adult life and examines aspects of social heritage and patriarchal structures, at a time when the welfare is declining and Sweden is at change.

Release Date: February 14, 2019

Language Release Format Downloads Date
Arabic srt 435
Bulgarian srt 95
Bulgarian srt 42
Dutch srt 434
Dutch srt 397
English srt 4167
English srt 258
Finnish srt 258
Finnish srt 225
French srt 20
Greek srt 815
Greek srt 211
Greek srt 148
Greek srt 153
Indonesian srt 62
Portuguese srt 188
Portuguese (BR) srt 801
Portuguese (BR) srt 620
Romanian srt 406
Romanian srt 114
Romanian srt 83
Slovak srt 106
Slovak srt 21
Spanish srt 368
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